Tusk Equity Partners (TEP) is a private real estate investment company specializing in opportunistic real estate investments. The firm's primary focus includes investing in choice multifamily properties in the Southeastern region of the United States. TEP invests in diversified and promising projects that provide an opportunity for value creation through strategic acquisition, repositioning, efficient management, and hands-on day-to-day management.

The firm has invested in varied platforms, involving debt and equity investments and projects. Through its private capital network, Tusk is able to engage in promising investment opportunities. Its financial strength, experience, and investing acumen enable the firm to diligently evaluate potential acquisitions and to close promptly on investment opportunities.

As an experienced operator, Tusk consistently provides advantageous returns for its investors through its innovative operations and cost-effective management. Tusk Equity Partners owns, operates, and invests in the Southeast United States, with a particular concentration on the Atlanta MSA, throughout the state of Georgia, the Hoover/Birmingham MSA, and the Carolinas. Each red pin on the below map represents a Tusk community.

We are very proud to have purchased and sold over 7,000 residential apartments, providing homes for over 27,000 residents and 150+ employees that encompass the Tusk Family.