The Abby Ridge Apartments represents Tusk Equity Partners’ careful market analysis and discerning acquisition process. Strong broker relationships in the Southeast market, have enabled Tusk Equity Partners to meticulously and prudently select the most desirable assets that will yield the strongest returns to its investors.


Abby Ridge was acquired in January 2017 from a Seller who had operated the Property since 1980. Although the Property had been well operated, there were a number of potential efficiencies to extract from the Seller’s long-term hold. Having completed all required capital expenditures and immediate repairs, the condition of the Property was rapidly upgraded, and the value increased. Monthly rental increases quickly averaged $100-$150 per unit.


With an opportune purchase and efficient management, Tusk Equity Partners has provided consistent strong returns to Abby Ridge’s investors. With a rising valuation, the property continues to appreciate in value, and improve its performance. 

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