Ragan Park represents Tusk Equity Partners’ discerning approach and strong market knowledge and strength. Having exponentially expanded its Atlanta MSA portfolio, Tusk Equity Partners had been following and eyeing, the Macon submarket for a long while. Leveraging a close relationship with a broker, Tusk was able to secure Ragan Park as a pre-market deal, at a value.  


Ragan Park was purchased in February 2020. The property was purchased with strong occupancy and in good condition. With rents below market, though, the purchase provided an opportunity to increase revenues, and improve the Property’s value.


Selectively purchased, Retreat At Ragan Park was a strong opportunity for cash-on-cash returns. Securing an advantageous loan, with low rates and minimal reserves, the Property was a strong opportunity for investors and has produced steady returns and cash flow through the Coronavirus pandemic and accompanying restrictions and closures.

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